What do you do when you just turned 30 (and by ‘just’ I mean 3 years ago) and almost everyone around you is getting married, starting families, buying houses and/or is trying to get ahead in their careers, and - as much as you love to see them all happy and pursing their dreams – somehow it’s just not what you want from life (yet, anyway)?

It’s the middle of 2017 and life is great! I live in the best country in the world, in a house with a Spa Pool over-looking the water, I have a job I enjoy, I’m fit(-ish) and healthy, I have awesome hobbies and I absolutely amazing friends.

And yet somehow, I’ve been feeling restless lately. A little lost and uninspired. I have a great life but there is this voice in my head that keeps asking ‘what’s next?’. And I don’t have an answer.

What are the options? Even though we live at a time where we have more opportunities than ever before, it seems like the far majority of people still build their lives around two things: family and work. But what if that ‘traditional’ way of life just doesn’t feel right for you?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the ‘traditional life’. One of the best things in my life these last few years has been seeing my friends getting married and starting families. Seeing them so happy and making their dreams come true is amazing. It’s beautiful and I’m very, very grateful that I get to be part of their extended families. It just doesn’t feel right for me (yet?).

And I like my work. I work in marketing with tech startups and I love seeing passionate entrepreneurs push their dreams ahead, disrupt industries and change the world. But I asked myself, if in 10 years’ time I’m a successful CMO of a high growth startup or part of a team that achieved that big exist so many in the startup community dream of, will I be happy? Will it be enough to feel like I have a meaningful life?

The answer is no! And it doesn’t mean that I don’t want that. But I know that a successful career alone won’t be enough. It’s not the thing that will give meaning to my live. I want more.

I want to figure out what else is out there. I want to know what my options are. I want to try new things, go off the beaten path and truly open my eyes to what life has to offer when you don’t want to make kids or work your top priority.

I want a Life Done Differently!

And that’s what this blog is about; Being 33 and not wanting the traditional life, not wanting to settle down with a family and/or a promising career (not yet, anyway).

I don’t know what the future holds for me. This blog is not about getting to a destination, it’s about the journey.

It’s about my journey as I figure out what a ‘Life Done Differently’ looks like. 


More about me and Life Done Differently

I like writing. But of course I could just write a private journal. So why write a public blog?


Since a big part of Life Done Differently is about my life and my journey, I thought it would be good to tell you a bit more about myself.