Looking for Public Speaking Opportunities

Hello lovely blog readers. Today’s post is a bit of a personal favour, so apologies if you were hoping for a more insightful post :)

I’ve decided that I need a new challenge. I love sharing my thoughts and stories with all of you through my writing, but the truth is, writing is easy and comfortable for me and it’s time to step outside my comfort zone a bit more. So, I am looking for opportunities to do more public speaking. I’m a confident speaker (if I have time to prepare) and love the idea to share my stories and engage with an audience directly. But, being the introvert that I am, public speaking is definitely a lot less comfortable than writing and, therefore, a good way to do something I love (telling my story), while also expanding my comfort zone.

And this is where we get to the favour part. I’m wondering of any of my readers are part of any clubs or organisations that welcome guest speakers and that would be interested in my kind of content. At this point, it would have to be on the North Island of New Zealand - unless you want to cover my travel cost :) I don’t mind how small (or large) the audience is!

If you have any connections or ideas, I would love to hear from you. Contact me here.

To give you a better idea, here are the main topics I would talk about. Usually, I would just focus on one, but I can do a bit of a crossover between several, depending on what is likely to resonate with the audience. 

  1. Doing Life Differently: Being a woman in her mid-30s who does not want to follow the traditional path around marriage, kids and/or work. This included giving up my 'normal' life in Auckland, with a full-time job and a nice apartment, to live in my Campervan and travel around New Zealand.

  2. Working remotely while traveling. I run a small marketing advisory and services business called High Tide. I do most of the work remotely while traveling. I would talk about how I make this work, what the challenges are and how clients respond to it.

  3. Finding Happiness: How I turned my life around and found happiness through getting to know myself. I used to be a very unhappy person. Over the past 8 years I've managed to turn this around and today I am extremely happy and love my life. I'm currently writing a book about this journey and what I learned along the way. 

  4. Dealing with obesity and weight challenges. I used to be seriously obese for most of my life. I had lost weight several times but it always came straight back on - until about 5 years ago, when I lost over 50kgs and have managed to keep it off ever since. 

Any suggestions and introductions would be much appreciated!