Follow my Journey as an Author

Hi every, just a quick update today to let you know that I’ve set up a separate website/blog to share my journey as an author and updates on my book.

Since the book is only loosely connected to Life Done Differently, I wanted to keep the two separate. So if you’re not interested in the book, don’t worry, I won’t spam you with book updates. But several readers having been asking about it so I wanted to let you know where to go for more book and author content.

The new site is:

Among other things, I’m writing a series of blog post called First Time Author where I share my journey going from idea to now working with the publisher to bring the book to market. I will also be publishing a few extracts and other updates ahead of it being published.

But don’t worry, I will also continue to write about doing life differently on this blog. Right now, I’m on the hunt for a new campervan. It’s slow going because I don’t really know what I want (actually, I know what I want but I can’t afford it). But I’m in no rush yet. The goal is to be back on the road by October the latest so still got a bit of time. Hopefully the dream van will show up by then :)