It’s so Good to be Myself Again!

Just a short post today, but I wanted to share with you how good it is to feel like myself again. 

It’s been a month now since I moved back into the van, and I feel like I’m a different person. I’ve found, or I should I say re-found, that mental clarity and balance that I had lost over the five months prior. It feels like the fog has lifted. I know who I am again, what matters to me, and how I want to live my life. A lot of the doubts I had been struggling with are mostly gone (they do make the occasional visit, but they are not a constant anymore). I'm a lot more positive again, got my energy back and am just loving life at the moment. I know I'm back on track!

I've spent a couple of weeks travelling around the Coromandel, going to some remote places and just enjoying being in nature – And having time! That is probably the part I love the most. I love that I can just sit in my van for hours, staring out the window and contemplating life. I love that I have the luxury of time to do that. But I also love that I am the kind of person who can do that without getting board – I know many people couldn't.  

It's something I've realised recently: Compared to most other people, I need very little to be happy, excited, entertained and content. I'm no longer stuck in this cycle where we always need more: the next promotion, a newer car, more money, new hobbies, more people to entertain use, exotic holidays, always something to do and something to stimulate us.

I recently got an unexpectedly high tax return payment. Most of it will go into my savings account, but I thought to myself; maybe I should use some of it to treat myself to something special that I want but wouldn't usually spend money on. Sounds like a good idea, right? But here is the thing; I just couldn't think of anything that money can buy that would make me happier right now.

I have everything I want and need! How awesome is that!

Here is something that the last month has taught me that might be relevant to some of you. You know how when people ask “how do you know you’re in love?” often the answer is “You just know!”? 

I think it’s the same with the question “how do you know you’re living life the right way?”. You will know when you do!

So chances are, if you're not sure you're on the right track, you're probably not. And that doesn't mean you're entirely on the wrong path. Maybe it just needs a bit of refinement and tweaking.

But trust me, when it’s right, you will know! 

The stunning Port Jackson at the very top of the Coromandel Peninsula.

The stunning Port Jackson at the very top of the Coromandel Peninsula.